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NSPME 2014 Guides

Curriculum Table of Contents for the 2014 National Student/Parent Mock Election

The National Student/Parent Mock Election team, led by educational consultant Gloria Kirshner, provides teachers with a plethora of supporting material from numerous angles.

All NSPME curriculum material is created by experts in the fields of education, civics and government.

Below are quick links/descriptions to each curriculum document. For detailed descriptions of all curriculum material, please make use of our subpages (2014 Curriculum, More Curriculum, and Guides by Year).



2014 How to Do It: A Guide to the National Student/Parent Mock Election (34 downloads) :  Ideas and suggestions for activities to accompany your participation in the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Helps teachers organize experiential education activities in any subject, and suggest strategies/events to affect attitudes and behavior through active involvement. Suggested activities include cable call-in shows, speeches, debates, quiz team competitions, mock press conferences, speechwriting, and school/neighborhood campaigns to increase voter turnout such as newsletters and posters.

Reports From the Real World (35 downloads)  Reports from award-winning elementary, middle and high schools about what they did in the National Student/Parent Mock Election. Nearly 30 schools are profiled, along with their goals, highlights, strategies, quotes, resources, outcomes and much more.

Introduction to Government and Civics  Curriculum outlines provided by the Pearson Foundation to help teachers bring full meaning to their students’ participation in the National Student/Parent Mock Election.

Introduction to Government - Elementary (38 downloads)

Introduction to Government - Middle / Junior High School (33 downloads)

Introduction to Government - High School (36 downloads)



2014 Issues Guide: The Economy (30 downloads)

2014 Issues Guide: Foreign Affairs (29 downloads)

2014 Issues Guide: Education (32 downloads)

2014 Issues Guide: The Ethics of Democracy (31 downloads) :  Critical thinking about the importance of ethics to a democracy.




Bill of Rights Foundation

CIVNET: worldwide online civic education community featuring civic educators, scholars, policy-makers, civic-minded journalists, non-governmental organizations, and others promotion civic education worldwide. Administered by CIVITAS International.

Debate Watch

Google Election Tools for Teachers: and Covers explaining the political process, teaching about issues and candidates, encouraging student expression, and sharing knowledge with others.

National Public Radio

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