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We are accepting ENROLLMENT for one of America's greatest traditions: the National Student/Parent Mock Election, coming November 3, 2016 (election is November 8, 2016)!

To participate, your students need only to place simulated voting on real-life candidates, at any time of your choosing between October 24 and November 3, 2016.

You can enroll your students at any time right up until noon local time November 3, 2016; signing up your class takes little more than five minutes.

The voting process is also built to be convenient and easy for you to build into your classroom happenings. Voting takes 1 to 2 minutes per student using our new online voting engine; teachers can also choose to use paper ballots, although that route uses a lot more paper and time!

Teachers: find help with teaching aids, suggested classroom activities, and curriculum guides here. Schools and classes that "go all out" in celebrating their NSPME participation can apply for awards!

Great partners like USA Today and BrainPOP are working hard to bring you this opportunity, first founded by Gloria Kirshner and her late husband Edward Stanley 34 years ago.

Help us make this work: join the 50 million other Americans throughout history for whom the National Student/Parent Mock Election has been a pivotal part of learning about democracy. 

Help Support Democracy
Our nonprofit organization is seeking to improve and expand outreach on behalf of democracy. Your donation will be used to expand the NSPME’s outreach for generations to come. Please join our effort; a donation in any amount is welcome!

"For the first time in my life, I felt I actually had a 'say' in the political world."

“This project immersed the students in the election/voting process, engaging them through research, creativity and expression.”